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Homeless young boy living rough on street

Giving homeless people a future Across the UK

We normally focus on helping one Charity each year. However, presently we are involved in a multi-year partnership with Centrepoint, a UK Charity that gives homeless young people a future and helps them turn their lives around. Centrepoint supports over 8,000 young people aged 16-25 every year and provides accommodation in over 32 different services in and around London and in the North East of England. We have set ourselves an ambitious target of raising £100,000 ($156,000 USD). We will support Centrepoint until we hit our target.

Young smiling children receive running shoes from a staff member of Cia Athletica gyms Brazil

Shoes to be used again São Paulo, Brasil

Members need gym shoes to exercise and workout, but what happens to all those shoes when the time comes to replace them? Do you throw them away or put them to a better use? We invited our members to bring them into the club where they were laundered, bagged and tagged. We hang the shoes from the club reception in order to promote the campaign to our members. The shoes were then donated to Symap, a charity that provides athletics training to people from poor backgrounds.

Race for Life

The Gym Group – “Click to donate” project Multiple cities, UK

In 2009, we decided we wanted to start raising money for a range of charities. To keep joining fees as low as possible, all members have to join using the company’s website. So the simple idea was to add one additional question to the sign-up process:

‘Would you like to make a one-off donation to our charity of the month?’

Members then choose how much to donate which is added to their first month’s gym payment.