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Beautiful image of a young boy and girl (possibly brother and sister) with big smiles

Supporting African children through sponsorship and fund raising Primarily Uganda, the majority of the children live in the village of Kisoro

Each of our health clubs and spas sponsor a child through the Compassion Charity’s sponsorship programme. Compassion UK is a Christian Charity which helps children aged between 3 years and 22 years break free from the cycle of poverty. We currently sponsor 30 children and this funding helps with education, health care, hygiene training and the provision of food. In addition, our clubs and spas fund raise for the communities where our sponsored children live. We have provided financial support of more than £100,000 over a nine year period as well as the time of our staff teams. In 2006, three of our staff team visited Uganda for four days to meet some of our sponsored children and to see a play area in their community which our staff and customers had raised funds for.

by Fitness Express Health Clubs & Imagine Spas

Smiling children sitting alongside their new fresh water well in Sivalpalli India

Parkwood Leisure customers fund fresh water wells in India Multiple cities, India

Parkwood Leisure and its UK customers are collaborating with Life Water and Drop4Drop, a UK charity, to provide clean water to Indian communities. Life Water is now sold in Parkwood Leisure’s 84 centres and this means that for every bottle of water we sell, funds are raised towards the construction of a new fresh water well in India. To date, Parkwood Leisure has sold sufficient Life Water to provide two drinking wells for developing communities in India. This provides 1,900 people with fresh and safe water.

Fresh Fitness staff present Danish Red Cross with a cheque for 100,000 Danish Kroner (photo by Jacob Bloch)

Tag et bad, byg en brønd Over hele Afrika

Vi opkræver 3 kr. fra vores medlemmer for at tage et 1-minut langt bad – det er omkring $0,50 cents. Mens vores medlemmer nyder deres dejligt varme bad, er der andre mennesker i verden, der ikke har adgang til vand, så vi tænkte at forbinde disse to øjeblikke. Så nu, når et af vores medlemmer tager et bad, går de penge, de bruger direkte videre til at opbygge en brønd med frisk vand i Afrika

Large advertising poster for World Gyms in Guatemala

Baskets of Love Guatemala

During December, staff and members of World Gyms collected food and small gifts that were made into Christmas ‘hampers’ or baskets. We called them ‘Baskets of Love’ and distributed them to low-income families in communities where we have our clubs. We also organised special activities such as yoga classes for members and the money from the classes was used to buy food. This  video shows the baskets being distributed to local people.