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Irish gym group, Gym Plus, launched an initiative at the beginning of 2018 to help provide clean safe drinking water in communities in Uganda

Irish Gym Group Pumps Clean Safe Water in Uganda! Okello-Kuc, Uganda

Irish gym group, Gym Plus, launched an initiative at the beginning of 2018 to help provide clean safe drinking water in communities in Uganda. Dirk van der Flier, chairman of the popular gym group, was already familiar with the work of Fields of Life, a charity that has worked in African communities for over twenty years on education, child sponsorship and clean water programmes. The Gym Plus group funded a well, which was drilled in Okello-Kuc in northern Uganda.

A young girl from the Belo region of Ethiopia is smiling. She is dressed in a long olive coloured dress and standing next to a mud wall which creates a lovely contrast –

Creating a sustainable community in Ethiopia Sasiga Lowlands, Ethiopia

Since Fifth Avenue Club opened in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1996, it has developed a local reputation for setting the standard for “friendly, personalized service”. On the other side of the world in Ethiopia, it has become known for supporting a sustainable development project that has changed the lives of over 40,000 people, in nine villages, in the Belo region of Ethiopia. The club, owned by Darren Kanwischer, has been involved with Food for the Hungry (FH) since June of 2007. Three dollars of each member’s dues are donated to Belo each month. Fifth Avenue Club has also donated proceeds from the sale of old equipment, held a 10k fundraising run (“Run for Belo”),  had members fund raise among themselves and are currently involved with “Run for Water” in Calgary, Alberta.

Smiling children sitting alongside their new fresh water well in Sivalpalli India

Parkwood Leisure customers fund fresh water wells in India Multiple cities, India

Parkwood Leisure and its UK customers are collaborating with Life Water and Drop4Drop, a UK charity, to provide clean water to Indian communities. Life Water is now sold in Parkwood Leisure’s 84 centres and this means that for every bottle of water we sell, funds are raised towards the construction of a new fresh water well in India. To date, Parkwood Leisure has sold sufficient Life Water to provide two drinking wells for developing communities in India. This provides 1,900 people with fresh and safe water.

Male and female members exercising at The Gym Group

Proyecto “Un click para donar” En varias ciudades del Reino Unido

En 2009, decidimos que queríamos comenzar a recolectar dinero para una serie de acciones de caridad. Para mantener la matrícula de inscripción tan baja como sea posible, todos los socios deben inscribirse usando el sitio web de la compañía. Así, la idea fue agregar una pregunta adicional al proceso de inscripción:

“¿Le gustaría hacer una donación a nuestra acción de caridad del mes?”
Luego los socios eligen cuánto dinero quieren donar, el cual se añade a su pago del primer mes.