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Amiga do Peito – Outubro Rosa Brasil

A Cia Athletica apoia a campanha do Outubro Rosa com o hotsite Amiga do Peito, no qual é possível fazer um cadastro que envia às usuárias um lembrete mensal para o autoexame.

Fernando Storchi standing next to a Megatlon sign while visiting Marambio Base Antarctica

Megatlon build a gym at Antarctica’s front door Argentina/Antarctica

This is the story of how Megatlon, a long established chain of health and fitness clubs in Argentina responded to a request to help build a gym in Antarctica. It is written by Ray Algar, founder of Gymtopia.

For this Gymtopia story you will need your coat because we are off to Antarctica, the Earth’s southernmost continent and officially recognised as the coldest place on Earth when during 2010 a temperature of minus 94.7C (-135.8F) was recorded. This is an extraordinary project involving Megatlon, a leading Argentinian health club chain, the Argentinian Air Force and scientists who were putting on weight as fast as the local elephant seals.

Group of female prisoners and their babies taking part in a physical activity programme – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Physical activity programme for pregnant Argentinian prisoners Buenos Aires, Argentina

Since September 2012, EMBARAZO ACTIVO has been providing a physical activity programme  for groups of female inmates at Prison Unit Number 31 in Buenos Aires,  Argentina. The programme has been developed specifically for pregnant women and those prisoners caring for babies under eight months old. The programme is delivered free of charge.

Mariela Villar, CEO of EMBARAZO ACTIVO initially developed and delivered the programme. In 2013 she trained prison staff who now operate the programme, with Mariela providing supervision and advice every fifteen days.

Three dogs in a wooden house at APA El Refugio Montevideo, Uruguay

Giving animals a second chance of life Montevideo, Uruguay

Gimnasio Personal in Montevideo, Uruguay has been using its gyms to raise money for APA El Refugio, an animal shelter and rescue centre. The two gyms have also been selling a book written by the Charity and collecting food and blankets.
APA El Refugio’s (APA) mission is to recover animals suffering cruelty or that have been abandoned. The Charity also educates people about caring for their animals. Presently APA looks after more than 360 dogs and 40 cats and is seeking new loving homes. Money collected from the gyms was used to pay for new kennels.