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The team at Rochester’s Midtown Athletic Club believes there’s no charitable cause too big or too small to support. Ray Algar reports:

When I look at some of the world’s most remarkable health club brands, I often discover a strategic intent to play a proactive part in the prosperity of their communities; they’re not just there harvesting its resources. They forge a reputation for compassion and generosity and over time become an influential, valued, integral part of the  community. This month, I want to share the story of how Midtown Athletic Clubs in the US has embraced a strong sense of corporate citizenship and a wider definition of community to enable its clubs to flourish even as competition intensifies.

Three generations
The Schwartz family founded its first club, the Midtown Tennis Club, in Chicago in 1970 with a simple everyday mission: “Bringing out the best tennis player in you.” The club was founded by Alan Schwartz and his father Kevie, who were passionate about tennis and used the club as a vehicle to help grow the game. The company expanded and during the 1980s began adding fitness areas to its tennis clubs.

Steven Schwartz, Alan’s son, joined in 1987 to help position and grow what has become the Midtown Athletic Club brand. Eight Midtown Athletic Clubs now operate in what Steven Schwartz – now president and CEO – describes as the ‘upscale sports resort’ segment. The brand’s mission has also evolved beyond tennis: it aims to inspire through a pledge to ‘movement, community and service’.

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