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Ray Algar takes a look at an initiative by Fresh Fitness in Denmark and the Danish Red Cross (Røde Kors) to help fund fresh water wells in Uganda.

Fresh Fitness is a fast-growing chain of low-cost gyms in Denmark. With low-cost all about providing just the core experience and nothing more, and members paying only for what they use and value, CEO Rasmus Ingerslev and his team introduced a small charge of 3 Danish Kroner for any members choosing to take a one-minute shower – that’s around US$0.50. This achieves two things: water consumption is reduced and money is raised. However, this was never about the money, so what should they do with it?

Let others be liberated by water

The insight Fresh Fitness had was that, while their members were enjoying a lovely post-workout shower, there were other people in the world with no access to clean, safe water. The idea was therefore to bring the two sides of this story together. Now, when a member takes a shower, the money they spend goes directly to the Danish Red Cross to finance new fresh water wells in Uganda.

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