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Giving animals a second chance of life Montevideo, Uruguay

  • Three dogs in a wooden house at APA El Refugio Montevideo, Uruguay
  • A dog in his wooden house at APA El Refugio Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Black dog at at APA El Refugio Montevideo, Uruguay looking for a new home

Gimnasio Personal in Montevideo, Uruguay has been using its gyms to raise money for APA El Refugio, an animal shelter and rescue centre. The two gyms have also been selling a book written by the Charity and collecting food and blankets.
APA El Refugio’s (APA) mission is to recover animals suffering cruelty or that have been abandoned. The Charity also educates people about caring for their animals. Presently APA looks after more than 360 dogs and 40 cats and is seeking new loving homes. Money collected from the gyms was used to pay for new kennels.

How did it start?

Our work with APA started because several of the trainers in the gym and I really like dogs and we used to work individually with different causes. One of our trainers suggested using the platform of our two gyms to collect more funds for APA.


To help APA finance new kennels for some of the 360 dogs they look after.

Why is this project important?

We love dogs. Most of the team have dogs and we have personally rescued five from the streets.

Project resources

The project was very easy to setup. We placed money boxes in our club receptions and sold copies of APA’s book. We also requested donations of blankets for the dogs.

Project results

We do not know how much money our clubs collected, but it was enough to build new kennels.

Gymtopia Comment

It was this project in Uruguay which inspired us to create an ‘Animal Welfare’ category on Gymtopia. The great thing about a project like this is that small donations of money, food or blankets can make a major difference, along with people willing to donate a few hours to improve the animals’ living environment.

The dogs and cats of APA El Refugio, Montevideo, Uruguay say ‘Thank you’.

Project by:Gimnasio Personal

Gimnasio Personal

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Location: Montevideo, Uruguay
Start date: June 2012
Status: Ended
Impact: Local
Submitted: 31 July 2013
Charity: A.P.A. El Refugio