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GoodLife Kids Foundation is inspiring a lifelong love of physical activity Multiple cities

  • Group of 14 adolescent girls and boys with two female instructors taking part in the GoodLife4Kids School Programme – Canada
  • Three adolescent girls with a female instructor taking part in the GoodLife4Kids School Programme – Canada

GoodLife Kids Foundation’s vision is for every Canadian kid to have the opportunity to live a fit and healthy good life. The Grant Program, established in 2009, currently focuses on providing funding to programs offering ongoing physical activity opportunities for children with special needs. Following a successful pilot phase, the GoodLife4Kids School Program officially launched September 2015 and is operating in 71 schools. The stretch goal is to reach one school for each of GoodLife’s more than 200 club locations. The School Program aims to inspire a lifelong-love of physical fitness among grade four students (age 9-10). It is a partnership program with local schools where GoodLife4Kids Coaches help students learn early fitness skills. This program is offered at no cost to schools over the two-year partnership.

How did it start?

Caring and Passion are core values of GoodLife Fitness’ culture. Through GoodLife Kids Foundation, Members and Associates are able to share their love of fitness with the next generation of Canadians.

“I’m proud to say GoodLife Fitness Associates and Members are the most active supporters of GoodLife Kids Foundation through regular volunteer work and participation in the annual Spin4Kids Plus fundraising event. Caring is a key driver of our culture, and this spills over into the support our teams provide to GoodLife Kids Foundation.”

David Patchell-Evans
Founder & CEO, GoodLife Fitness
Founder, GoodLife Kids Foundation


GoodLife Kids Foundation’s primary objective is to break down barriers that are preventing Canadian children from living physically active lives. These barriers can include elements of the built environment, financial limitations, and attitudinal preconceptions. The Grant Program increases access to physical activity opportunities for children with special needs and disabilities by providing much needed funding to existing programs that share our priorities in communities across Canada. The GoodLife4Kids School Program focuses on providing students in grade four (age 9-10) with positive early physical activity experiences that build the foundation of lifelong healthy habits. Our Coaches are certified fitness instructors that partner with teachers to show kids that being active goes beyond just sports, exercise does not have to be scary, and that fitness can be fun.

Why is this project important?

The latest research shows that only 9% of Canadian kids ages 5-17 are getting the recommended 60 minutes of heart-pumping physical activity per day. GoodLife Fitness is about changing lives and giving Canadians the opportunity to live a fit and healthy good life. At GoodLife Kids Foundation, we believe that when you’re active at a young age it sets the groundwork for lifelong participation, giving kids a kick start to the healthy lifestyle GoodLife promotes.

Project resources

GoodLife Fitness covers 100% of GoodLife Kids Foundation’s administrative and operational expenses so that every dollar raised will make the biggest impact on the lives of Canadian kids. Additionally, GoodLife Associates give of their time and talents to bring GoodLife Kids Foundation’s annual fundraiser, Spin4Kids Plus, to life each March. This national indoor-fitness fundraiser brings together Associates, Members, family and friends from over 200 GoodLife Fitness Clubs across the country to help GoodLife Kids Foundation get kids active.

Project results

To-date GoodLife Kids Foundation has helped over 237,000 Canadian children live more active and happier lives. Over $2.35 million Canadian dollars (approximately $1.8 million USD) in funding has been awarded through 279 grants to registered charities across the country that are getting kids moving. GoodLife4Kids Coaches are changing lives in 71 schools, inspiring a love of fitness in grade four students and building capacity in physical education programs.

However, the true successes of GoodLife Kids Foundation are best shared in the form of testimonials and the smiles on the faces children, red-cheeked after a session of heart-pumping physical activity.

Grant Program testimonials:
“My child has gone from training wheels, to two wheels, from parking lots to sidewalks. He asks to ride his bike every day, because he WANTS to. He is developing strength in his muscles, improving his balance, lessening his anxiety while increasing his confidence and taking on new freedom and independence that he never had before.”

“The day we got the new sleds changed everything. It allowed by son to play with his friends like any other hockey program. He wants to be there and is motivated to be with the other kids and do well.”

GoodLife4Kids School Program testimonial:
“The most amazing story comes from a girl who is overweight, uncomfortable and never smiled. Her head hung low and she rarely engaged. Her answer to everything was ‘I can’t.’ Now she is coming up to say hi, telling me she went for a walk, and participating to her best ability in every movement. She even ran on Tuesday!”
(GoodLife4Kids Coach)

“What I like most about Coach Jen is that she always tells us that fitness isn’t about being perfect, it is about always trying our best.”

“The children love to show me when they have mastered a fitness move and always let me know if they have practiced it somewhere else. Some days the children whine a little with comments like, ‘This is hard, I’m sweaty, I’m tired and I can’t do it.’ It is at this time that I try to motivate them to push through the excuses. When they start to try harder and finish smiling I know I have helped them to feel accomplished.”
(GoodLife4Kids Coach)


Gymtopia Comment

We first published details about the great work of GoodLife Kids Foundation back in 2013 and so it is it exciting to discover that their work is being extended to reach more young Canadians. For those who are unaware, GoodLife Fitness was founded in 1979 and is now serving more than 1.2 million members across its 350 clubs (at April 2016). With more than 14,000 employees, the business has considerable human resources to help support the work of its Foundation as well as covering all of the Foundation’s administrative and operational expenses


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Location: Multiple cities
Start date: January 2009
Status: Ongoing
Impact: National
Submitted: 23 April 2016
Charity: GoodLife Kids Foundation