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Jubilee Hall gyms fund raise for Nepal Earthquake Appeal Nepal, South-Central Asia

  • Jubilee Hall leisure centre users taking part in a group exercise class to raise money for the Nepal earthquake appeal

The earthquake in Nepal on Saturday 25 April 2015 severely affected at least eight million people. Throughout June and July of 2015, staff and members at two of our London gyms – Jubilee Hall in Covent Garden and The Armoury in Hampstead – helped to raise money by undertaking various fitness challenges.

How did it start?

The project was led by our longest-serving exercise class instructor & personal trainer, Chrissie Mullings-Lewis. Chrissie has been working with us for more than 20 years and is a perennial fundraiser for good causes.


The objective was to raise money through gym challenges to go towards supplying aid, shelters, clean water, sanitation, food and blankets.

Why is this project important?

Some of our staff have visited Nepal for trekking challenges and this disaster struck a cord with them.

Project resources

Our gym staff and members were mobilised to engage with the challenges and dig deep to donate! The project ran through June and July 2015 and involved participants in various classes as well as in the gym.

Project results

Participants had to see how many press-ups they could do in a minute, and how long they could hold the ‘plank’ position for! Champions at the press-ups were Chris Lacey with 85 and Margaret Durbal (62), whilst Georgina Davies managed to hold the ‘plank’ for an incredible five minutes!

Our gym members got fitter, whilst at the same time raising £1,300 in loose change and Just Giving donations. We hope that this money raised will make a small difference to the everyday lives of the Nepalese people affected by this disaster.

Gymtopia Comment

We are all moved when we see television images of people suffering. This is a lovely example of how leisure centres can mobilise their customers to raise money which helps people to rebuild their lives.

Project by:Jubilee Hall Trust

Jubilee Hall Trust

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Location: Nepal, South-Central Asia
Start date: June 2015
Status: Ongoing
Impact: Global
Submitted: 11 September 2015
Charity: Nepal Earthquake Appeal