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Pure Gym Supports Cancer Research UK Multiple Cities, United Kingdom

  • Women in blue dress holding a sign saying 'Research means I am still here' - Cancer Research UK
  • Screen shot showing research fund pioneering cancer prevention research using aspirin - Cancer Research UK
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At Pure Gym we are on an exciting mission. A mission to raise £100,000 ($154,000 USD) for Cancer Research UK. Give what you can, and with your support, we can help find a cure for cancer. So far we have raised over £68,000 ($104,295 USD) from our very generous members, staff, and supplier partners.

How did it start?

When we started Pure Gym, we felt it was important to work alongside different charities, so we could give back to the local communities that helped us grow as a business. As we grew we decided to choose one charity to work with. We now believe we can make more of a difference if we focus our fundraising efforts, whilst still supporting local charities at a club level. After a long selection process we have decided to partner with Cancer Research UK.


Over the last few years our focus has been on raising money for Cancer Research UK. We asked our members to select a specific project to fund. The money that we are raising during 2013 is supporting Dr. Farhat Din’s Bowel Cancer research project. The results of Dr Din’s pioneering research could help find the best way to use aspirin to help prevent even more people developing bowel cancer in the future.

Why is this project important?

Cancer is something that touches so many people in some way. This is why we want to help Cancer Research UK, and do our ‘bit’ to help find a cure for cancer. As a leading brand in the health and fitness industry, we believe it is important to support a charity. It seems right that we help to protect the health of our members,  many of whom may themselves have been helped by Cancer Research UK . The health and well–being of the nation is something that is important to us and is one of the main reasons Pure Gym exists today.

Project resources

As well as running fundraising events in gym, we have a ‘donate while you join’ option on our website, which gives people the option to make a suggested donation of £2 ($3 USD), or any other donation to Cancer Research UK as part of a member’s joining fee. It takes just a few seconds to donate, but these small donations can make a significant difference.

Project results

2013 has been our best fundraising year to date. In May 2013, our members took part in the Great Britain Row Challenge, where we challenged them to row 3,200km (the distance around the United Kingdom), to help us raise money for Cancer Research UK. Once again our members really embraced the challenge, rowing a total of 103,000km and raising £17,000 ($26,000 USD) in the process.

So far we have raised over £68,000 ($104,295 USD) from our very generous members, staff, and supplier partners.

Gymtopia Comment

We like the targeted nature of this project. Pure Gym is focusing its efforts not just with a single Charity, but also a specific cancer research project. This creates transparency for everyone, providing clear proof how the donations are growing and importantly, how they are being used.

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Location: Multiple Cities, United Kingdom
Start date: August 2012
Status: Ongoing
Impact: National
Submitted: 24 July 2013
Charity: Cancer Research UK